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Website Analysis Services

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It’s not always easy to determine which elements of your site are successful and which ones need improvement. With so many different things to consider, it can be incredibly difficult to analyze a website’s performance and make the proper adjustments. Even experienced web developers can miss crucial details that prevent a site from thriving.

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What to Expect from Our Website Analysis Report

1. SEO and Marketing Review


First, an SEO professional will review your existing marketing approaches to evaluate how well your advertising and optimization efforts are working. You will receive a detailed and comprehensive report on how your website is currently performing, including a point-by-point review of your website’s analytics, tracking data, backlinks and keyword effectiveness. If you wish, we can also prepare a report that allows you to compare your traffic and SEO performance to those of competing sites, giving you some insight into what works for your competition.


We’ll also examine how well you’re doing on any social sites you happen to be a part of. We can then provide a report on the effectiveness of your social strategy and make recommendations for new networks to join, new strategies to try, or networks to leave. If you’re using any pay-per-click advertising services such as Google AdWords, our experts can review the effectiveness of your strategies there as well.

2. Content Review


Next, our content department will analyze all of your site pages. A professional editor will review your content for grammar and spelling while a content consultant determines whether or not your content is relevant to your audience. The editor, with your permission, will correct any errors in your content and even rewrite content entirely if needed. Having us rewrite your site content can ensure that your message is being broadcast clearly and is effective and engaging for the audience you’re trying to target.


Our professional content team will also determine whether or not your site could benefit from new content. If so, a content manager will work with you to create a list of guidelines for content that will help your site accomplish your goals. Our professional writing staff can then follow these guidelines to produce fresh content that starts getting you the traffic and visibility you desire.


3. Design and Development Review


A professional developer will then review your website’s code, checking for errors and making sure that your code is written using industry-approved best practices. This is a very important part of the process, as lengthy or improper CSS code can make your website load slowly. Visitors will click away from slow-loading websites, and slow load times can also lead to poor rankings in search.

A web development professional will then analyze any ads on your site and check for important design elements such as mobile usability. Also, a designer will make suggestions to unify your site’s design while providing feedback and ideas on possible redesigns for pages that are less than optimal. The designer can also work with the marketing team to create a new logo for your brand if desired.

Ongoing Website Services

Your website analysis report will involve as much consultation time as you need to understand the current state of your site and how Content Customs can improve it. Members of our team can then work with you to decide which strategies you’d like to engage in going forward. Our website analysis services can involve nothing more than the overall report if you’d wish, or you can decide to work with our professional marketers, designers and content creators to improve your site as directed by the report.


Choosing to have all of your marketing, web design and content creation handled by the same in-house firm can be incredibly cost-effective and efficient for you. Why waste your time with different service providers when you can have a team of professionals who are on the same page and constantly in contact with each other to create a goal-oriented, streamlined plan for improving your site?

With a website analysis from Content Customs, you don’t just get the same analysis and data that you can get from using free marketing programs, either. Content Customs is dedicated to providing you with tangible marketing, content and design analysis data that will allow you to grow your online presence and meet your business goals.

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